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Chanel Lucky Charms Purse Fall 2017

If you’re a big fan of Chanel flap purses, this strikingly beautiful purse would be a nice addition to your collection. In true Chanel fashion, this Fall 2017 Lucky Charms purse is embellished with 23 elegant Chanel symbolic charms spread around almost the entirety of it’s 2.55 reissue fascia.

The Flap Purse Basics

Measuring 24 x 16 x 7 cm the Fall 2017 Lucky Charms purse comes in black quilted distressed lambskin with dual venetian chain-linked shoulder straps. For those who cannot visualize the size, it’s a medium sized purse. Besides the charm hardware, the purse comes with gold hardware which perfectly matches the purse’s soft black leather. Burgundy colored leather interior liners for its dual interior compartments, dual interior pockets, a snap internal closure for the front inside compartment. Finally, a Mademoiselle turn-lock closure completes the sophisticated look.

23 Charms

Now that we have the double flap basics covered, let’s talk about the charms. Chanel has released several Lucky Charm purses in recent years, some have 8 embellishments, some have 19, this purse has a total of 23 charms. This year, the charms are heterogeneously gold and silver in color and in our humble opinion the subtleness of the chosen color palette for those embellishments makes this our favorite Lucky Charm purse by far.

Admiring the purse, it wasn’t hard not to stare at each beautiful charm and wonder its significance in the world of Chanel. So we did a bit of research on them and admittedly we learned a few things about Chanel along the way. Let’s check them out.

Chanel Interlocking Charm

The CC Interlocking Logo Charm – Few fashion brands elicit strong positive emotion from women like Chanel’s iconic interlocking logo. There are numerous stories of its origins, none can actually be verified. Perhaps the most “believable” story involves a young Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in the 1920’s when she visits Château de Crémat, an established vineyard owned by an American socialite Irene Bretz. According to the story, Coco Chanel was spending time in Grasse, a town in the French Riviera known as the perfume capital of the world when she and Bretz got acquainted. The two became friends with Irene letting her new found friend use Château de Crémat’s logo as the logo for her perfume. The rest they say is history.

Château de Crémat
Laced ribbon with camellia flower

Laced ribbon with Camellia flower – It represents the sophisticated way how Chanel store associates package a newly bought item at the store. White lace with Chanel words topped with a white Camellia flower.

Lion Charm

Lion Charm – Gabrielle Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 under the fifth zodiac sign LEO. Coco Chanel loves anything that has to do with “lions”. It eventually became her signature piece when it came to designing her fashion line.

Coco’s lucky number 5

Coco’s lucky number 5 / Chanel Bottle No 5 – Most people believe in lucky numbers, for Coco Chanel it was the number 5. She named her world most famous Chanel perfume “Number 5”.  In the summer of 1920 Coco Chanel met a perfume craftsman named Ernest Beaux. He made perfume samples for Coco Chanel to try and she choose the 5th sample. Thus, Coco decided to name the perfume Chanel No 5. The perfume was officially launched on the fifth month of the year and on the fifth day of the month (May 5, 1921).

Chanel Bottle No 5
Sea Turtle Charm

Sea Turtle Charm – Many cultures believe that the sea turtle is a symbol of perseverance, endurance and strength. Chanel’s timeless creations reflect the Sea Turtle’s trait.

Chanel Handbag Charm

Chanel Classic Handbag Charm – The most sought after handbag in the world. Its timelessness and classic design makes for great reason (or in some cases: unreasonable) to invest in the handbag.

Bird carrying love letter charm

Bird Carrying Love Letter Charm – Symbolizes Coco Chanel’s intimate love story with Arthur “Boy” Capel. Boy Capel was a dashing, wealthy British polo player who Coco had a love affair with. His fortune allowed him to finance Coco Chanel’s first shops. Their relationship ended when Boy Capel tragically died in a road accident in 1919.

Coco and Boy Capel
Eiffel Tower Charm

Eiffel Tower Charm – The world famous landmark in Champ de Mars in Paris, France. Named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel, she was constructed 1887 – 1889 and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world and a cultural French icon hence the inclusion of the charm.

Arc de Triomphe Charm

Arc de Triomphe – Besides being a historic Parisian landmark, the Arc de Triomphe gains significance with Coco Chanel when she and her dancer/choreographer friend Serge Lifar watched from the balcony at Rue de Rivoli; Charles de Gaulle marching from the Arc de Triomphe to the Paris City Hall in the liberation of Paris at the end of WWII.

Arc de Triomphe - Chanel - copyright Douglas Kirkland
Four Leaf Clover Charm

Four Leaf Clover – Coco Chanel was a superstitious lady. Coco Chanel loved using the four leaf clover, being considered by many westerners a lucky charm by itself, its rarity and by the symmetry of its leaves.

Chanel Star

Star – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel originally launched her jewelry line collection “Comete Collection” in 1932. According to her, the five pointed star shape best highlights the sparkle of diamonds. It consisted of star constellations with clusters of diamonds that sparkle in the night sky.

Chanel Pearl Charm

Pearls – Coco Chanel once said “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”. Back then, it was rare to see Coco strut around without endless strands of pearls around her neck. Little known fact: Coco Chanel mixed real pearls with faux pearls on her sautoirs (long necklaces), they became an instant hit with women back then.

Chanel Camelia Charm

Camellia Flower – Coco Chanel used this rare flower as an inspiration and momento when she received a bouquet of Camellia from her lover Arthur Capel. To this day, this iconic flower is incorporated throughout the Chanel collection.

Ritz Paris Chanel Charm

Ritz Paris – A little known fact: Coco Chanel made the Ritz Paris her home for 34 years. She became very intimate with the hotel that she redecorated her 2034 sq/ft suite. She started moving-in her favorite furniture such as Coromandel lacquered screens and velvet banquette. Her suite with all her redecoration was preserved by the Ritz Paris, and if you’re interested in staying at the actual suite where Coco stayed, be prepared to fork out € 18,000 ($21,200) per night.

Ritz Paris Coco Chanel Suite - Copyright Ritz Paris
Coromandel Charm

Coromandel – Coco Chanel was a big fan of Coromandel lacquer which she used extensively to decorate her home in 31 Rue Cambon and Ritz Paris. She’s very particular with Chinese Coromandel screens and at one time owned 32 of such screens, 8 of which went to Rue Cambon.

Chance Chanel Charm

Chance – This one, we’re not too sure of the exact origin. All we know is Chance is a Chanel perfume created in the post-Coco era. Launched in 2002, Chance is a product of Paraffection, S.A. a subsidiary of Chanel tasked to preserve the rich cultural heritage of artisan fashion workshops.

The other charms like the Coco Coin, Rotary Phone, Lady in Champagne Glass, Key, Lion Crest and the Three Crowns Shield are all a mystery to us. Trust us, we looked everywhere. Begging Chanel USA for some information didn’t exactly pan out. We’ll keep on trying though, the answers are out there. If you have an idea what they are let us know! You’ll save us a few sleepless nights.

So there you have it. Going through the list of charms from the Fall 2017 Lucky Charm purse gave us a trip down the history of Chanel. We certainly picked up a few tidbits of information about the amazing life of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

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